Which one of the following best describes you?
I am a Franchisor
I am a manager at a Franchise Head Office
I am a Franchisee
I am an SME that is NOT part of a Franchise Group
What is the biggest challenge you would like to solve in your business right now?
What industry are you in?
What is your annual turnover?
$500k to $1Mil
$1Mil to $5Mil
$5Mil to $10Mil
$10Mil to $50Mil
Over $50Mil
How long have you been in this business?
Less than 12 months
1-2 Years
2-4 Years
4-7 Years
Over 7 Years
How many countries are you located in?
My organisations strategic approach to digital marketing is best described as:
No strategy
Prioritised marketing activities
Defined vision & strategy
Business-aligned strategy & roadmap
Agile strategic approach
My organisations Performance Improvement Process has:
Volume-based KPIs
No dashboards
Quality-based KPIs
'Last click' attribution
Business dashboards
Value-based KPIs
Weighted attribution
Ad-hoc CRO
Lifetime-value KPIs
Continuous CRO
Management buy-in is best described as:
Verbal support, but inadequate resourcing
Sponsorship and increased investment
Active championing and appropriate investment
Integral part of strategy development
My organisations Resourcing and Structure has:
No specific skill
Core skills centralised or agencies
Centralised hub and spoke dedicated resources
Decentralisation and reskilling
Balanced blend of marketing skills
My organisations Data and Infrastructure has:
Limited / no customer database
Separate data, tools and IT services
Partially integrated systems and data
Integrated systems and 360° data sources
Flexible approach to optimize resources
My organisations Integrated Customer Communications is or has:
Not integrated
Core push activities synchronised
Integrated inbound approach
Integrated, Personalised, Paid-Owned-Earned media
Media optimized for ROI and to maximize CLV
My organisations Integrated Customer Experience is or has:
Website not integrated
Desktop and mobile support, not personalized
Partially personalized desktop and mobile experience
Integrated, Personalized web, mobile, email and social media
Full contextual personalized experiences and recommendations
My organisations Management and Resourcing has:
No engagement
No dedicated resource
Decision makers engaged
Simple reporting
Wider use in business
Dedicated analysts (larger businesses)
Dedicated experience and media optimisation resources to implement
Cross-business integration and collaboration
My organisations Metrics Selection is best described as:
None selected
Marketing outcomes
Last click
Satisfaction scoring
Financial value or proxy
Simple media attribution
Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
Media attribution models
KPI dependencies
The Tools (typical types) my organisation uses include:
Basic web analytics
Basic Social media
Basic Email reporting
Basic social analytics
Benchmarking tools
Voice of customer
BI visualisation
Real-time social media
Offline report
CRM/Individual tracking
Predictive analytics
Econometric models (large businesses)
Analytics Customisation in my organisation is best described as:
‘Out-of-box’ standard reports
Custom reports
Mailed reports
Simple threshold alerts
Full dashboards
Automated real-time alerts
Integration of analytics with other tools in my organisation includes:
Email integration
Personalisation system
Marketing Automation
Social media integration
360 degree customer view
My organisations Optimisation includes:
None / Opinion led
Persona consideration
Simple in-page and visitor path analysis
AB Tests
Media testing
Multivariate Testing
Optimisation of Personalisation
My organisations Review Process is best described as:
No structured reviews and WILFING
Regular (weekly, monthly)
90-day planning defi ning programme of testing
Continuous programme
Increase in number of tests of new techniques
My organisations Email Capabilities and Evaluation is best described as:
Simple ESP
Response tracking
Regular report of opens/clicks
‘Beyond the click’ tracking
Segment tracking
Value reporting
Hurdle rates and activity levels
Response data > CRM
My organisations List Quality is or has:
Not managed
List-building options increased
List quality improved
Reactivation and removal
Preference centres
My organisations Targeting (relevance) is best described as:
None: ‘Pray and Spray’
Basic triggers
Full lifecycle sequences
Additional sequences added
My organisations Proposition and Communications Strategy is best described as:
Newsletter and Eblasts
Increased frequency
Content marketing integration
Social integration
Optimised frequency
My organisations email Creative and Templates are best described as:
Simple headers
Multiple template
Dynamic content
Video review
Mobile optimised
Advanced techniques
My organisations Delivery of email campaigns is best described as:
Not reviewed
Reported by ESP
Feedback loops and delivery service
Continuous monitoring
My organisations Optimisation of email marketing activities is best described as:
Experiments with different offers/subjects
Structured offer/subject testing
Layout reviews
AB testing
Multivariate testing
Responsibility in terms of online customer experience excellence in my organisation has:
No defined responsibility
Ad-hoc - cross-functional responsibility
A defined individual responsible
A dedicated team (larger organisation)
Clear responsibilities in each area of business
Evaluation and KPIs in my organisation is measured by:
Volume of interactions
Quality of interactions and short-term engagement
Value of interactions
Simple satisfaction assessment
Long-term value
Long-term engagement (Hurdle rates)
Detailed understanding of Loyalty and satisfaction drivers. NPS.
Journey Analysis Techniques in my organisation is currently at a stage of:
Limited understanding of journeys
Path analysis in analytics
Simple funnels Personas
Visitor intent surveys
Customer journey and content mapping
Usability studies
Multi Channel funnels
Cross-channel analysis e.g. panels
My organisations Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) Process has:
No optimisation
Ad hoc changes “Suck-it-and-see”
Ad hoc tests
Simple AB test on key pages
Multivariate testing
Continuous structured testing programme
My organisation has incorporated Personalisation Techniques that best resemble:
Specific content for Personas
Limited dynamic personalisation
Cross-journey personalisation
Optimising personalisation
Integration of digital systems in my organisation is best described as:
Website not integrated with other channels
Simple cross-channel signposts and offers.
Social media integration.
Mobile responsive design and Apps.
Remarketing (paid media)
Full range of cross channel services.
Social sign-in.
Optimised multi channel integration.
Mobile adaptive.
My organisation has invested in the following categories of CX Tools:
Web Analytics (not customised)
Simple analytics customisation.
Advanced Personalisation
Real-time feedback tools
Targets, Audit and Resourcing in my organisation is best described as:
No proactive use of SEO.
No dedicated resources for SEO.
Target keyword lists.
Basic audit completed.
Dedicated SEO resource
Top-level goals to improve.
Keyword gap analysis.
SMART objectives & KPIs.
Segments in Analytics.
Integrated responsibilities and teams in larger organisation.
SEO activities prioritised.
Skills and capacity to respond immediately to most issues.
Indexing and Crawling of Web Pages on my organisations website is or has:
Not been audited and no exclusions. Duplicate content likely
Using Google Search Console to monitor. Some exclusions set up.
Mobile optimised. Using Geo-targeting, Schema markup as relevant.
Site section/content specific reporting and improvements.
Site section/content specific reporting and optimisations.
On-page Optimisation for my organisations website is best described as:
Not proactive. Usually an afterthought
Page Titles, headings and copies used to support SEO.
Page Titles, headings and copy engineered to support SEO.
Structured testing of Title/ Description/Keyword Use
Continuous optimization of key content types.
Content Marketing for my organisation is best described as:
No content marketing strategy.
Content created to support SEO goals
Content types and formats selected for SEO (and marketing goals).
Integrated Content/PR and SEO campaigns.
Use of community and UGC supports growth.
Link building in my organisation is or has:
No record of external link
Links mainly organic, plus from some partners. Link reconfiguration as need.
More use of outreach. Backlink profile reviewed for balance. Disavowing.
Structured outreach programme linked to campaigns.
Consistent quality of content limits need for outreach.
Internal Linking for my organisation is or has:
Not assessed.
Some use of internal links to support SEO.
Navigation designed to
support SEO.
Some testing of internal link methods along with usability.
Internal linking optimised.
Measurement of SEO in my organisation is best described as:
Top-level target keywords defined.
Contribution of SEO known and tracked through time at top level.
Using Segments to assess value (QVC). Detailed keyword/content tracking.
Good knowledge or performance across site. Keyword Deltas monitored
Capacity to immediately identify problems compared to competitors
Goals and Channel Integration in my organisation has:
No goals beyond ‘doing social media’.
General goals defined.
Social buttons on website.
SMART objectives defined Social media integrated into website. Automated Email integration.
Attribution using analytics.
Social integrated into offline campaigns.
ROI reviewed.
Goals agreed throughout the business
Social a key part of integrated multi-channel strategy
Social Listening and Governance in my organisation has:
No Social Media Monitoring
Monitoring of brand mentions.
Reputation Management
Defined process for customers reporting issues via social
Proactive PR - Influencer outreach
Social Media care
Proactive outreach to customers. Inputting into New Product Development.
Content Planning in my organisation has:
No planned content creation. Page updates only - not linking to hub.
Social hub/blog with content being created and shared in social update
Monthly content plan with
key content themes and engaging assets.
Longer-term 90 day content plan with themes for different audiences.
90 day content plan with themes which are announced and integrated.
Interaction and Community Management in my organisation has:
Limited, reactive interaction on social media.
Monitoring and replying to comments.
Proactive interaction with fans, influencers company pages. Social care.
Community management
resource for facilitating discussions. Localised.
Team in place for personalised replies and to facilitate discussion 24/7.
Company Page Optimisation for my organisation is best described as:
Pages set up, but not well branded.
Branded pages on priority social channels (e.g. Twitter, Facebook)
Branded pages set up on common and newer social channels (e.g. Pinterest)
Branded pages set up on channels requiring non text content e.g. YouTube
Additional page features such as integrated videos and apps utilised.
Paid Advertising for my organisation is best described as:
Not using paid advertising.
Experimenting with promoting updates without targeting
Targeted ads to boost page fans, site visits or leads
Remarketing for leads or sales. Power Editor in Facebook
Optimised investment based on attribution and ROI review.
Evaluation or Social Performance in my organisation is best described as:
Not analysing page statistics.
Recording basic stats of growth (e.g. Page Followers, Likes).
Benchmarking reach, interaction rates. Tracking site outcomes.
Using analytics tools to evaluate behaviour of audience. Attribution.
Integrated dashboard of Social media performance and alerts on key issues.
Web Assets in our Franchise network is best described as:
We have a website that is outdated and does not deliver leads to our Franchisees
We have a website that renders well on all devices (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet) and delvers some leads to the Franchise.
We have a specific strategy that drives leads to franchisees. This includes having a location finder on our website.
We have a well optimised location finder, and dedicated, well optimised local landing pages that drives a steady flow of leads to our franchisees.
We have a dedicated website or micro-site for every single franchisee in our network, and it ranks well on Google for multiple search terms, and drives a consistent flow of leads.
Social Media in our Franchise network is best described as:
We have not claimed separate social media accounts for every Franchisee across all the top social channels, We are not active and have no strategy.
We understand the power of social media and are active, but don't yet have a defined strategy or policy.
Active social media strategy at Brand level and are making steps towards educating Franchisees. Working on a more defined strategy and policy.
Active social media strategy at a Brand land Local evel with and are starting to generate leads across our network of Franchisees
In-house team dedicated to a national multi-unit social strategy. Dedicated social accounts for each franchisee, managed centrally at HO. Franchisees are well trained & contribute locally. Measurable ROI on social media lead generation & sales.
Compliance & Governance in our Franchise network is best described as:
We don't yet have a clearly defined Compliance and Governance Policy that extends into digital
We have a clearly defined policy that is well published throughout the business, but we don't yet have full control over this.
We have a clearly defined policy that is well published throughout the business, but without any reporting or policing.
We have a well defined policy across all digital channels, Head Office and Franchisees that is managed centrally with reporting, but does not yet give us full control over what Franchisees are doing.
We have a well defined policy across all digital channels, Head Office and Franchisees that is managed centrally through technology and allows us full visibility and reporting.
Local Area Marketing (LAM) in our Franchise network is best described as:
Franchisees are responsible for their own LAM
We support our Franchisees with marketing collateral so they can do LAM more effectively.
We have a hybrid approach where we work together on producing digital collateral, but with no defined strategy.
We have a clearly defined strategy and Franchisees have been educated on it, and provided with the collateral for them to execute with support from Head office.
Detailed strategy, top down and bottom up that is centrally managed via HO & has technology with a content library to enable Franchisees to contribute to the strategy at a local level.
Retention, Loyalty and Rewards in our Franchise network is best described as:
We currently have no loyalty and rewards program in place
We have a loyalty program but it is not digitally enabled. Does not integrate with other systems and technology
We have a digital loyalty program, however it is stand alone and not integrated with our technology stack
Digital Loyalty and Rewards program which is integrated with core business systems but no campaign functionality
National loyalty & rewards program that has been implemented into each Franchisee. Also integrates into other digital channels & allows us to drive performance marketing with full reporting at a National, Regional & Local level.
Innovation and Disruption in our Franchise network is best described as:
We do not understand innovation and it is not on our radar
We are currently under threat of being disrupted through new digital business models and don't have a plan in place to address this.
We have a vision for change and innovation however we do not have a culture to support it
We are well down the track of having innovation as part of our DNA, have a solid strategy, board mandate, and well optimised systems to support our innovation goals.
We are a disruptive force in our industry with well optimised processes and systems that have delivered exponential growth to our revenue and profitability already
Employer Branding in our Franchise network is best described as:
We have nothing in place to formally address this need
We have a strong customer facing brand but we have done little to address the growing need for a strong employer brand
We have a culture that needs improvement and a lack of market awareness as an employer of choice
We have a solid culture that could be communicated better to new potential candidates. We have been nominated for awards but haven't focused our efforts on winning any yet.
We are an employer of choice, with awards won, well established graduate employer program, actively involved in the community. Well optimised induction, career progression and exit programs are in place.
Roles and Responsibilities in my organisation has:
No defined roles or responsibilities
Ad-hoc responsibility for international websites
Defined roles and responsibilities for each region but online activity siloed
IT/marketing/sales department integration & collaboration
Region-specific cross-business & cross disciplinary integration and collaboration
Strategy and Planning for my organisation has:
No localisation strategy or plan
Single localisation strategy for all territories
Separate localisation strategy for each territory
Data-driven localisation strategy with clearly defined SMART objectives
Regular situation review + agile strategic approach to localisation
Infrastructure and Data for my organisation has:
Single language site hosted in home territory
Separate multi-language websites hosted in target regions with ccTLD or
Defined approach to infrastructure in different regions
Infrastructure decided on a case-by-case basis to support users in target
Optimised infrastructure - CDNs, page speed analysis & optimisation
Content for my organisation has:
No local content created
Content created is not well tailored to local market needs
Content is 'culturally customised' to local needs
Additional static content developed to increase local relevance
All forms of content such as interactive tools and video are localised where effective
International Search Marketing for my organisation has:
No search marketing strategy / SEO limited to on page content in source language
Source keywords identified and translated for target language
Localised keyword research, target keywords & onsite optimisation
Structured on page TDK testing, tracking across languages and territories
Dedicated outreach programmes, PR, content marketing on local sites
Customer Experience in my organisation has:
Limited customer support and little understanding of customer journ
Basic understanding of the customer journey but no action taken
Site structure and content optimised for customer journey - but not localised
Usability studies for localised user journeys, key markets optimised
Fully personalised for user preferences in each territory
Analytics, Optimisation and Reporting in my organisation is best described as:
Analytics installed but not customised for local reporting or KPIs
Reporting based on traffic volumes, measurement of traffic per territory
Simple page, visitor path analysis and AB tests of content per territory
Localised dashboards per region, multi-variate testing & segment/region
Dynamic optimisation of personalised content and competitor benchmarking
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