The Role of Mitochondria for Optimal Health and Energy Production

by Paul Shepherd
| September 10, 2020
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Transcription of Video

We’ve all heard of DNA. The genetic code that’s passed down to us from our parents. But did you know there are two types of DNA in humans? One is nuclear DNA that we get from our mom and dad, but there’s a second kind… Mitochondrial DNA that we only get from mom. These two types of DNA are like a computer, nuclear DNA is the hardware. It determines the color of our hair or eyes, or how tall we are. Mitochondrial DNA is like the software. It powers the hardware and produces energy.


This is What the Trillions of Mitochondria in Our Bodies Look Like

Mitochondria Health

The medical profession has been pouring billions of dollars into studying nuclear DNA. Trying to find links to things like cancer, heart disease and dementia, but it hasn’t worked. Modern diseases are on the rise and growing exponentially. Mitochondrial researchers like Dr. Douglas Wallace are revealing that the majority of our modern diseases, are tied to mutations in our software or our mitochondrial DNA.

It turns out Mitochondria are the most concentrated in our brain and heart tissues. The exact locations where a majority of modern neurological and cardiovascular diseases are occurring. Is it just a coincidence that our Mitochondria are being damaged due to our modern way of life. Could our daily exposures to Wifi, mobile phone radiation, and electromagnetic fields be a catalyst in the disease equation. Recent scientific studies, are confirming decades of past research that manmade EMF are wreaking havoc on human biology.

What does Mitochondria do?

It seems our continual addiction to technology and disconnection from nature, may be the key contributors of mitochondrial DNA damage. The real secret to our health and longevity is understanding how energy is generated in us. It’s time to focus our attention on the power plants in ourselves if we are going to reverse the explosion of chronic diseases. To learn more about preventing chronic disease and improving your mitochondrial health, you may consider subscribing to my blog at the top of this post.

Mitochondria facts