Do you know your Genetic Code?

Hi, I'm Paul. A serial 7-figure entrepreneur that combines science and spirituality to “crack the code” of fulfillment. Because success in every other area of life withOUT fulfillment is like a supercar with only 3 wheels.

Sooner or later, you're going to crash...

Who am I?

I'm a Sydney-based entrepreneur, consultant and growth mentor focused on helping leaders to live a life of purpose and meaning through a holistic 360-degree approach that nurtures the mind, body, and soul.

You see business is not just about the money. I see it as a vehicle to create the life you want, and hopefully thats a life of more time, freedom and impact you can make in the world.

After multiple successful years in business, making millions of dollars in my early 20s, I discovered that my life needs to change. Despite all the “success,” I didn’t feel fulfilled, so I went on a journey to discover myself, my passion and my purpose. And I did.

Unlike other professional coaches and consultants, I don’t try to fit my clients into ill-fitting labels. My unique assessment approach provides an almost infinite amount of possible unique combinations, always perfectly suited for an individual.

Now, i'm willing to share these lessons publicly.

Topics of Discussion...

Topic #1

Understand your “Genetics Code” to obtain fulfillment, flow, and success

Your “Genetics Code” is a set of skills, values, gifts and shadows unique for you. That’s also the reason why the “one size fits all” personal development programs don’t work. We’re just way too different. Our genetic code is created on the day we are born. As mystical as it sounds, Paul can provide scientific proof of how the universe directly influences the way we are “built” through fractals and our holographic universe. This topic is a combination of science and spirituality.

Topic #2

The Hustle Culture: Why working harder doesn’t bring fulfilment.

Do you work just to work? Or do you work on something meaningful and intentional? Paul can help your audience escape the vicious loop of the hustle mentality by asking questions about the intent behind their actions. Because when you work on things that are aligned with YOU, people will gravitate to you, success comes easier and fulfillment is the ultimate product.

Topic #3

What I learned from spending $500k on personal development programs.

Throughout the years, Paul has attended the majority of the well-known seminars. After applying what he learned, he still didn’t feel fulfilled. Strategies worked, tactics worked but it didn’t feel like him. He decided to take a different approach instead. After years of research, he discovered his own “genetics code” (read topic #1). From that moment, he immediately knew what actions he should take to align his daily actions with his re-discovered purpose. On your podcast, he can share the tips on how your audience can do the same (without spending hundreds of thousands of dollars like him).

Topic #4

Successful but frustrated. Why?

The same old story: People hit their goals and they start feeling frustrated because hitting these goals didn’t bring the fulfillment they expected. According to Paul, the reason why this happens is because these achievers are on the wrong track from the very beginning. On your podcast, Paul can share the most powerful insights he used to get out of this vicious goal cycle to finally achieve the fulfillment he sought in all areas of life.

Topic #5

Your Suggestion

If there is a specific topic you would like Paul to focus on during the interview that is not listed here, please do let us know.

We would be more than happy to run this by Paul to see if he was able to talk in detail and deliver value to your audience

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