Facebook Marketing for Multi-Location Businesses

by Paul Shepherd
| April 18, 2015
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If you are a National Brand with multiple locations, or part of a Franchise system with multiple locations then there are some benefits to leveraging Facebook”s Graph Search. Facebook has done a series of presentations to the Franchise community in conjunction with the Franchise Council of Australia on Graph Search. In short, the strategy that Facebook promotes was to set up a Parent Facebook page, for the Brand, with a child page for each location.

The number one objection from Franchisors when Facebook explained the benefits of their new strategy, was “Thats Great, but how can a Franchisor effectively manage potentially hundreds of Facebook pages (one child page for each location) on top of their existing Social Media efforts“?

Additionally the secondary objection was “How can we as a Franchisor maintain brand integrity and compliance if we allow every one of our locations access to Facebook“? Both of these are very valid points but there are solutions to to each of these that may surprise you. But in order to be motivated to lear about the solutions to these problems Franchisors and Multi Location Brands will first want to understand the potential benefits of such strategy. The infographic below is a summary of the benefits of one strategy that Multi Location Brands could use to maximise their presence on Facebook. Namely, the strategy involves a Parent Page (National Brand Page) along with a Child business location page for each location the business services (wether that be a physical store/dealer or a geographical area that the brand services by going to see customers).


So these are some of the main benefits to this approach, where data was taken from 19 different brands and averaged out for simplicity. The solution is of course leveraging technology.