Steal My High Converting Email Marketing Campaigns to IGNITE New Sales FAST!

Close more sales in less time with these PROVEN email campaigns designed to convert your email list into paying customers.

Are you tired of…

  • Sending emails that don't get opened, clicked or drive people to buy immediately?
  • Frustrated you're not generating 6 - 7 figures from your email marketing campaigns yet?
  • Confused about what to write in your emails that trigger people to buy RIGHT NOW?
  • Disheartened your business isn't where you want it to be after all of your hard work?

If you answered YES to any of the above, then keep reading.

After countless testing & measuring, I've put together 7 high converting email marketing sequences that work in any industry, for any product or service to help you close more sales in less time & take the guesswork out of writing emails that sell!

Simply import these high performing campaigns into your autoresponder with my sharable links, tweak & publish! It's really that easy! I've done ALL  the heavy lifting for you.

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No technical skills required. Simply choose the campaign you want, and import directly to your autoresponder. No setup required.

You'll immediately get access to any or all of the 7 email marketing campaigns below that you can tweak to your own liking & apply within just minutes. Plus, they have been pre-built for you so you just need to import them into your mail platform of choice. Yup, it's that easy!


1 - Introduction & Engagement Sequence
Sets up the sale & ignite a flurry of sales queries to help close prospects sooner

2 - Activation Sequence
Use this sequence to activate members on a new list from a free bribe/download.

3 - Product or Service Launch Sequence
Sell high priced products / services by building the need for your customers to buy what you sell right now.

4 - Abandoned Cart Sequence
Double your sales by getting interested prospects across the line. These 2 emails account for 50%+ of ALL of our sales.

5 - Re-Activation Sequence
Activate prospects on your email list that are yet to buy with this short series that will activate previously inactive prospects to drive your profit margins higher.

6 - Birthday Re-Activation Sequence
Re-engage dormant prospects on your list by catering to their ego, with this Happy Birthday email sequence.

7 - Segmentation Sequence
Quickly & easily segment your email list with this article opt-in series that will generate new sales from a list in which you thought had lost interest.

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So, how does it work?

That's the easy part...

STEP 1 - Choose The Campaign Type You Want

  • Launch a brand new product / service to your email list
  • Convert cold leads into paying customers
  • Welcome & engage new email subscribers
  • Re-activate a cold list & turn them into paying customers
  • Double your sales by getting HOT prospects across the line FASTER
  • Increase your open, clickthroughs & conversions

STEP 2 - Import Your Campaign to Your Autoresponder
We have generated unique share hyperlinks for you to import the campaign of your choice into one of the 3 platforms that has this functionality (See logos on the right for these platforms).

STEP 3 - Tweak
Tweak the copy to tailor it to your business - takes just a few minutes!

STEP 4 - Send
Hit send or schedule the email sequences into your autoresponder series to set your sales to autopilot. Yup, it's that easy!

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About Paul

Hi I’m Paul Shepherd, Franchise Digital Strategist & Business Biohacker. I create results-oriented digital growth strategies and implement them for franchise groups. My focus is on identifying and implementing digital opportunities, while maximising output, particularly profit.

Business has been my life for as long as I can remember. My parents were entrepreneurs which gave me a great opportunity to understand business from an early age. I had a unique insight into the business world and I spent hours analysing the strategies and solutions that helped make my parents successful, and learning where they could have improved.

I began my own first business at 17 and although I loved it, I found the number of people I could help was limited due to a lack of scalability. So I took the opportunity to venture into the corporate world to get paid to learn some new, and much needed concepts and insights into what made businesses successful. This gave me a behind-the-scenes education into big business and I was able to study what worked and didn’t work on a much larger scale. Read More