Content Curation Workflow for Building Influence Online

by Paul Shepherd
| April 19, 2015
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Content curation is a surefire way to build your influence online, whether it be for a company or your personal brand, especially for busy marketers. If you are not a marketer yet then this post will highlight the importance of shifting some of your energy to market your brand.

According to a recent survey by Curata, some of the top marketing challenges business owners faced were limited staffing, budgets and difficulty creating enough content on a regular basis. Content curation is one way businesses can overcome this challenge.

Research by the Content Marketing Institute confirms this. In fact, according to their survey,64%of content marketers report producing great content as being their #1 challenge.

So as busy as we all are, curated content is one way of adding a steady stream of content to our blog or social audience to remain “fresh”. But yet; creating your own content can be time consuming which is where content curation comes in one alternative.

Who this post is for:

  • Anyone looking to build their influence and credibility online.
  • For people who are in the early stages of building their authority online and don’t yet have a blog setup.

What you will get out of this post

  • An overview of content curation.
  • Why you should be curating content.
  • A step-by- step guide on how to setup a content curation workflow with some free tools. No blog required.


Before we get started you will need the following free accounts:

  1. A Linkedin account
  2. A Twitter account
  3. A Buffer account
  4. An IFTTT account
  5. A Pocket account

Reading time is approximately 7-10 minutes plus approximately 45 minutes to set up your workflow.

What is Content Curation:

Content curation is the process of sourcing, sorting then sharing other peoples great content with your audience.


Image by Raphaëlle RIDARCH via flickr

This is the workflow setup I’ll now go through in detail

Content Curation Workflow Using IFTTT and Buffer

Step 1

Assuming you have now setup all of the accounts listed above (LinkedIn, Twitter, IFTTT, Pocket and Buffer) we now need to go and ensure all these accounts are linked.

So There are 3 stages to this, which are all very intuitive, so ill only highlight the high level here:

  1. Log into IFTTT and activate your channel with the Pocket app. Add this recipe and you will be asked to connect Pocket as a channel.
  2. Log into Pocket and connect your Buffer account. You will need to do this on your desktop/notebook via the web and on your smartphone.
  3. Log into Buffer and add your LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Step 2

Create a list of blogs that already produce great content. This is the content that you will be sharing in the workflow. My recommendation is to choose 8-10 to get you started which should be enough to get you a constant daily flow of content to curate.

Once you have a list of all the blog URLs you will then need to complete column B in my template with the blog feed URL. You will need the RSS feed URLs to plug into the IFTTT recipe to automate your workflow.

Step 3

Now that we have all our accounts setup and connected, with a list of Blog Feed URLs, we can go back into IFTTT and set up our recipe’s for each of the blog RSS feeds. We will need to duplicate this recipe for each RSS feed, so keep that URL on your clipboard.

For a complete walk through in detail you can watch the video I recorded below.

Step 4

Start sharing content! The easiest way to do this is on your smartphone via the Pocket app during your daily commute.

Simply scroll through the list of new blog posts that have arrived in your Pocket app overnight, read the ones that you find interesting, and that you think your target audience will find interesting also, then schedule to Buffer for sharing.

I would also suggest using 1-2 #hashtags for Twitter and Facebook as this will generate the most engagement according to a recent survey by TheWordPro. If you are unsure of what hashtags to use, then do a quick search using this free tool and make a list of a handful of hashtags that are relevant to your audience.

This 11 minute video will walk you through the entire process outlined above


Content curation can be done in many ways and serve different purposes, this post however is aimed at getting you started on the journey to building your influence, particularly if you don’t yet have a blog setup. So start with the basics which includes making this a daily habit before proceeding to the more advanced tactics that will ultimately take up more of your time.

As highlighted in this post there are a number of free and paid tools to help you get started.